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Difference In 2k Poly Quality

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I have seen many times people talking about using a high quality poly like HOK or one of the higher and lines of PPG and saying that it is better than the low grade stuff such as the Kustom Kolors or PPG Omni line. I was wondering what the main differences are. Other than having a higher solids content what makes HOK better than Kustom Kolors. With your gun set up right and the right thinning they should both flow out just fine. And I have seen where some of the higher end lines from PPG are known to wet sand like granite while some of the mid grades are very pleasant to sand. While you still want the abbrasion resistance I would thik easier sanding would be a plus.

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Kustom Kolors is a hobby paint by Valspar who makes HOK. It is not a 2k product.

Kustom Shop is just a relabeled production clear, they are not a manufacturer. They are owned by a distributor of many paint lines, TCP Global. The issue is you don't know exactly what it is, or warranty etc. You also are limited to their base coats etc... Not horrible stuff not great stuff, a few kustom painters have told me it's just PPG's bargain clear. However, they could make it whatever they want whenever. Unless you want to play jr chemist and mix paint lines, which is a really bad bad bad idea.

Higher solids content is part of it and a big deal when it comes to flow, clarity, durability etc...

Also HOK has a lot more UV protection built in.

Production clears vs kustom are different in how many mils of thickness they are built to take, strength and uv protection.

HOK is designed for thickness of up to 10x what a production clear will support, it has much stronger solvents to cross link specifically with their base coats and candies, sealers and primers. This is because with flakes and artwork etc. you will make a much thicker paint job than you would with a factory paint job. Part of why they are better for our application. Which is a custom application.

I took a HOK class where their tech guy. One of the other differences is that HOK tests like you wouldn't believe. UV baths, electron microscopes, etc... One of the main reasons I stick with them is tech support and knowing they will back me if there is an issue. I also feel that they have a much wider array of products than most other companies. I do use a lot of Autoair also.

PPG, Dupont, Basf are also good choices but I can't get them in small quantities, unreduced, and affordable like I can from Coast Airbrush.



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So far the only one I have used is PPG Shopline and have to say that I am happy with it. Now I also have nothing to compare against. The only reason I went with PPG is that there are no dealers of HOK close buy and shipping is insane with the hazard fee tacked on. I flowed out pretty nicely, only minor orange peal and that was just me getting the gun tuned in perfect, and it sanded really nicely for me. I also was on a budget and wanted something 2 part, but that would not break the bank.

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