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Ungluing A Classical Guitar Neck

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Hi folks!

I need to unglue a neck and them reglue it right (classical nylon strings guitar). I could unglue the fingerboard from the body with iron, but I could not unglue the neck from the heelblock. I have tried a lot, but no signal to move it.

Can somebody help me telling some technic?


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Is this a guitar you have made?

Why do you need to remove the neck?

Many classical guitars are assembled without a head block. They use a "Spanish foot", which means the neck is one continuous piece, including the headblock. If you need to adjust the neck angle (ie: perform a neck reset), on a classical this can be accomplished with the use of a tapered shim under the fretboard, or by slipping the back.

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I didn't make this guitar. I need to reglue because the original one (it is an old guitar) is not good and the neck is not stable.

This guitar is not using a spanish foot. I don't know the correct term, but the neck is attached in "V" joint.

Do you mean a dovetail joint?

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