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Guitar Body Identification And Help

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I bought a strat-style body today for £5 (about $9) and I am not quite sure to go next (see pics below). I have no idea about the body and it does not seem to be a standard Fender neck fitting. Also it is slimmer than a normal Strat. Am I onto a road to nowhere or will I be able to actually build a guitar from this plank??

Any help much appreciated!




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There is really no way to know what brand that body is. I would measure the width of the neck pocket. If it is a 2-3/16" neck, then I would just get a replacement neck for a Fender pocket which is 2-1/4" wide. Then just make a template to match the neck and adjust the existing pocket as needed.

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Well, for five pounds you have to assume it's an asian import. Doesn't necessarily mean it's plywood --actually at this point, I think plywood is more expensive than the balsa, I mean, alder they're using these days.

The wider neck won't be a big problem -- there are tons of necks from these guitars floating around. Probably the same guy who sold you the body will have the neck. But look for Cruiser, older Staggs, etc. Especially the full length 22-fret necks (no overhangs).

Of course you can also refill the neck pocket and route it for whatever neck you want to use.

Other issues:

1. You'll want to know the scale length --that is, where the bridge is in relation to the neck pocket. Because if it's set for a 22-fret, no overhang neck then you have to get one of those. On the other hand, if it's set for a 21 fret neck, you can use a 22-fretter and reshape the heel accordingly.

2. If the body truly is thinner, then you won't be able to use just any old trem. You'll need a smaller trem with a smaller trem block.

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