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Neck Through Body Construction.

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Hi ae3,

Titebond or any similar wood glue is easier than epoxy in my opinion, and plenty strong if you prep your surfaces well. Cheaper too! There are lots of articles comparing the two if you search the web for them, but most of the ones I saw were more relevant to boat building.

Good luck,


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For me it kind of depends on the woods I'm gluing, and what bit of the guitar I'm gluing. For bodies, 9 times out of 10 I use titebond. Easy to use, easy cleanup, tried and tested, plenty strong. For necks, if I'm laminating, and I have time to let it sit around and dry up properly, I use titebond. If I know the wood's stable but want to work it a little sooner, and/or I'm laminating slightly exotic woods, epoxy works a charm. Getting the good quality stuff makes it a much more pleasant experience-not what I'd call easy or clean, but easy and clean enough if you've got disposable gloves and mixing cups to work with.

I also use epoxy for fingerboards, because it doesn't introduce moisture to a part of he body I really don't want to introduce moisture to. And it releases just fine with heat.

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Good ol Elmer's woodworking glue, been making neck through bodies for a long time and I've never used anything but. I've also never noticed any creep in my joints. Works for Neal Moser, works for me!

This is however a personal choice (sort of like pressing frets over hammering frets) so figure out what works best for you. titebond or Elmer's. I'd stay away epoxy though.

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Nothing at all wrong with Epoxy, and it has a value in building as Mattia mentioned. The advantage relates more to the final stages of neck construction where moisture control in assembly can be a more significant consideration. A good quality(there are different grades, and formulas) wood glue such as Titebond, LMI white or Elmers wood glue are perfectly fine and simple to use. HHG, Fish glue and other collagen based glues are fine, and offer advantages. Urea resin is another viable option for bodies. Cold creep is really not a huge concern with a body, because there is just not that much stress regularly placed upon it(atleast not the joints we are speaking of).

Because of its simplicity, and effectiveness PVA is used by most builders. Some builders and large manufactuers have decided to go with different glues for some applications for various reasons. I could ramble on about the specifics and reasons behind these choices, but it doesnt really matter in this case.


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