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shitty action

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my ibanez destroyer has terrible terrible action and the strings are all at stupidly different levels...it didn't used to be this bad...but with it having a TOM bridge how can i make it better again?



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wer're going to need a bit more of a description, is it the actual saddles height? the action of each individual string? when was the last time the guitar was restrung? is there buzzing on the neck if so where, or is the action just to hight?

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When was the last time you checked your truss rod adjustment. Difference in seasons will make the neck act differently. Same deal if its been put through extreme temperature or moisture changes. Check out the tutorials on the main page for the guitar set-up and see if that helps. Make sure to check out the neck to and make sure everythings O.K. If the truss rod adjustment is real tight but the action is still not better, don't force it, you'll ruin the neck and/or the rod.......Not that I would know from experience or anything :D

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