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Powdercoating Parts


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Does anyone know of a good and HONEST powdercoating shop?

I asked for a quote for my Iceman parts from a guy & he came back with $300!!!! :D

I think this is WAY inflated. The only parts I was looking for were the tuners, screws, a stop tailpiece & a tuneamatic bridge

Is there anyone out there that can recommend somone reasonalble

I would also be interested in seeing any pictures of parts that have been powdercoated


Dave K

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theres a good place in converse texas called hi tech coatings, they do good work, the guy that i bought my baja bug when i was into vw's had had the rear bumper cage and the tailpipes/headers powdercoated to match the body, it was a nice job too, i dunno how much they cost but i never had any rust or problems with that paintjob cause i bought it that way, i can try and look up the ph# if your interested in contacting them


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Well, I looked in the phone book, no number for Hi Tech Coatings was listed, ok thats strange, so I drove across town to see if they had changed the name or something, sadly, they are no longer in buisness, this was about 3 years ago when i had that bug, and since then they had shut down at some point, oh well, so sorry, i rarely go to that side of town, and it was kinda outta the way anyways so i had no idea they were around no more so sorry

good luck

im sure theres someone out there that wont gouge ya


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