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Magnets To Hold Cavity Cover

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I use CA too. Haven't had a problem. But I do it a bit differently: I only use magnets on the cavity cover, and zinc screws set into the cavity ledge.

In this pic, the magnets are on top of the screws. Soon after, I put a small drop of CA on top of each magnet and pressed the cover on to adhere them.


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If you really want to ensure the magnets will stay in the hole you're putting them in, tap a shallow tack into the base of the hole with a counterpunch and then drop in the epoxy/CA so the magnet sticks to the head and is also held in by the adhesive. You'll have some trouble getting that sucker out! Just make sure the tack isn't so deep that you extend the field of the magnet closer to the pickups than is comfortable....

+1 on the ambient moisture point. CA will cure in air with no surfaces being glued, otherwise you'd never be able to reliably dropfill a ding in finish with CA :-D

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