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Need Help Finding A 30/20/20mdf@450v Can Cap...

Thoughtless 7

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I'm gathering parts for my 5e3 project but can't seem to find a 30/20/20mdf can cap. Can i use a slightly different value, or use single values wired up? I'm no expert with amps, so its all still new to me. I've built a few pedals and a Gilmour 1/2watt kit, but wanted to try my hand at something else.



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try this guy i he has some nice prices and be sure to check out his loaded boards kinda take a lot of the headache of digging up all the right parts. i got some parts for my champ project about a year and a half ago very prompt.


weber speakers also has some good prices on kits.

btw i think you are wanting Electrolytic caps

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Electrolytic caps don't have to be exactly the specified value. Increasing the value will give you a firmer, better-filtered power supply, which translates into firmer low end in the amp.

So, if you can only find a 40/20/20 or a 20/20/20, it will probably be all right and you won't hear much of a difference. Note, however, that low-power tube rectos like the 5Y3 (which I imagine you'll use in your 5E3 amp) have a limit on "input capacitance". Check this data sheet...


...although it doesn't list a "maximum" rating, only a "typical" rating of 10uf. The reason for this is that a higher value cap "loads and unloads" faster and hence draws more current, which could overheat the wimply little 5Y3. Now, if you're using solid state diodes to rectify, you can (should) use a higher value for the first cap, say 100uf.

All that said... I use 40uf as the first filter cap in my Champ, w/a new-production 5Y3, and there are no issues.

So basically...

Can i use a slightly different value, or use single values wired up?

Yes. And you don't have to use a can; you can use individual caps too as long as you wire it to match the schematic.

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