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Discussions About Mounting Tuners Behind The Bridge?

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I am intrigued by the various options for mounting the tuners behind the bridge or, even better, behind the body itself in a headless type of situation. Most of the time this seems to be done using a Steinberger type of arrangement (or the new highly promising one from Ola Stranberg) but I am curious to find some threads or discussions about using standard tuners in that position. The "Lobster guitar" uses them as, I am sure, are others.

I did a few searches here but it is hard to find the right keywords for this and I came up empty. Are there such threads here? Or does anyone have any experience in doing this? I was hoping to be able to use some standard Schaller or Sperzel tuners for this.

Thank you very much for any help.


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There are some travel guitars that have behind the bridge and other weird tuner arrangements (like lateral to the strings). One model I've seen on Ebay recently is listed as "New 2008 Collapsible Electric Guitar" (for example, item #260261803068). They appear to have normal style tuners mounted to the rear of the bridge. Wonder if it works...

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I have done it some years ago in my early days of guitar building. My brother wanted an 8-string bass and we thought “what the… lets se if we can convert this old beater J-bass copy to an 8-string”. So we placed Tele-style ferrules in the head of the bass (yeah, drilling right trough it), cut a new nut, run the strings “backwards” over the ordinary barrel saddle style bridge. The tuners are recessed into the back of the body with the tuner posts sticking up through the face of the body. The tuners have heir knobs positioned so that they are accessed from “the butt end” of the body. It works reasonably well but it is limited to using guitar strings as octave strings because the size of the ferules in the head, it looks somewhat (very) odd and you cannot stand the bass up against a wall or amp because the tuner knobs protrude slightly. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask and I will try to remember any details.

Yeah and I agree, the Strandberger do looks like an interesting alternative

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