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3m Rubbing Compound?

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Assuming that the guitar is already wet-sanded with at least 2000 grit or an existing finish. This is my routine to produce the much sought after mirror finish:

1. 3M Rubbing Compound buff until major scratches are gone - should be relatively shiny at this point - usually use a terry cloth pad for this on drill or 10" buffer

2. Meguiar's ScratchX - really starts to shine - different terry or microfiber

3. 3M Scratch Remover for anything left over - microfiber or polishing pad

4. Meguiar's #7 Polish - rubbed on by hand, buffed with polishing bonnet

If dark color, VERY thin layer of Meguiar's Gold Class wax, buffed with polishing bonnet.

I usually get a very deep clear shine this way. If there are marks that are still present after step two, go back with 2000 wetsand to clean up. Make sure your buffer/polishing pads are getting too hot and melting the finish (not usually a concern on existing finishes)

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Drill buffers are fine if you can control the speed - finish melt is not fun. One other thing I forgot is to make sure the finish is cured - if you can smell it - it isn't ready. I use a straight up buffer and a drill buffer for the horns and details - that's just personal preference.

If the shine is good and there's no scratches - just polish it with something like Meguiar's #7, keep the pad speed under control and you should be fine.

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