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Bug Removal Tactics?

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Know that I know quite a bit about this already but am looking for suggestions, unique thoughts - something other than the obvious...

For those of you who live in/near Virginia you know that summer time is beautiful excessively hot, humid days with literally clouds of gnats buzzing around and numerous other species that unless you were finishing a guitar, you would never see (like grass fleas, etc.).

I have a body I am finishing (1 of 5 in progress at the moment) that while innocently hanging in the drying area last night, became the last resting place of a gnat about 1mm in diameter. Obviously I could just carefully sand this one spot and fill in accordingly. I'm just curious to any other ideas out there. The finish is acrylic lacquer. I think the wings look kinda cool trapped in there, but the customer may not agree :D.

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If you don't want to sand off the bug (That just sounds funny to hear, huh?), you could try wiping the area down with lacquer thinner. That might 'disolve' the fresh lacquer enough to lift out the gnat. If that works, leave the body flat to dry - the semi-liquid lacquer should come pretty close to self-leveling.

Now, I don't know if this would really work. Lacquer can be disolved with the solvent pretty much forever. I'm figuring that since it was just sprayed, it would be pretty easy to 'melt' it. But honestly, it's just a guess. :D

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