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:D Formica "Aqua Boomerang" #6959


Bingo! I've been wanting to top an ax with this. Specifically, a Danelectro-inspired body. I'd only want one with this covering, but the smallest size of the formica would cover 4-5 guitars. I was looking for some input before I went for it.

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strat / tele and les paul looks cool I think.

there is nothing stupid about it what so ever.

I'm not sold on the LP yet, but it could grow on me. The tele looks pretty good. That's one of those bodies that you can do dang near anything with and it'll still look good. The strat isn't bad. The others aren't quite there.

Anyway, my whole plan is to modify the Danelectro "bowtie":


As you can see, the thing had NO access past the 14th fret. I just love the vibe of the thing otherwise. It's bog, square, clunky, and all 50's style cheese. Putting that aqua formica on it would just be perfect. It really needs the P/G, but not gor protection. Goodness knows you'll NEVER scratch through the formica. No, the big white P/G is to break up the pattern. Without it, it's pretty overwhelming.

For electronics, I've been pricing used DeArmond pups. Don'tcha think that'd really top off that retro jangle thang I'd have going on?

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I dig it. Formica the front and back, put a bead of silver trim around the edges and paint the sides white, maybe with some colors flecked in.

If I thought I could pull it off, I'd use some chrome edging like they use for diner tables. Looking at the material, however... it's pretty thick and fairly wide. I don't have what it'd take to bend it into shape much less cut it to width and smooth/polish the edge. I had resigned myself to using the formica on the sides as well, but your idea of the chrome trim isn't bad. Hmmm...

Also, going with the original theory of the Danelectro - uber-cheap construction - I recently decided to use pine for the core.

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It's a plastic-like product that's usually used as countertops. It's laminated to particle-board. The stuff is very durable & scratch resistant. The appearance and texture is basically limited to the manufacturer's imagination.


Original Danelectros used formica, among other things, to cover their guitars with. This is what gave me the inspiration to look into it. Considering that I LOVE retro-styled stuff, a modified Dano with some retro countertop laminate is a perfect fit.

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Chrome automotive trim should be self adhesive and flexible, or at least easy to attach.

Yes! Even chrome accent tape, if you apply it under the clearcoat, would be awesome.

If the whole thing is covered in formica, the body won't need a clearcoat. To me, that's just a beautiful proposition.

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I've been bouncing the idea of a Danelectro style guitar for a while. What's the price on that stuff? (I'm sure I can look it up, but it sounds like you've already looked.) You talk about the small size being enough for four or five guitars - any chance you'd be willing to part with some of that if you end up buying a piece?

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