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Question About Tru-oil

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Hey all,

I'm finishing a neck with Tru-Oil. I intend to keep the finished guitar on a stand which holds the neck as well as the bottom of the body - will the stand mark the Tru-Oil finish?

I ask cos I've seen Strats with these markings on the neck from being kept on stands.

My neck will have had over 20 coats of Tru-Oil, maybe the thickness makes a difference?



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Stands with latex tubing will damage lacquer and will probably damage a tru-oil finish as well. We have used stands with the foam padding and have not seen any issues with tru-oil or any other finish type.

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This may not help, but I'll add it any way. I have a couple axes finished with home made oil varnish, rather like you would put on a violin or old painting. Mine does not react with the latex on the stands, at least not the two stands I have. Oil varnish might not be what you want on your guitar neck though, because it is shiny and thick and shredders complain (it's good enough for me!) that it's squeaky and grippy like a laquer finish.

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