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Wood Burning Concepts


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Hey everyone I ve been for the last year investigating wood burning as a alternate finishing for drum kits. The other day someone mentioned doing guitar body's which I have thought about but never have desided on doing it untill today. Anyway I thought I would start here and ask you guys in guitarland about what you think about these techniuqes as applie to guitars.

My drum works can be see here at Relic Shells . So if you have time I was wondering if you all think it would be coo to start doing guitar body's in some of these similar ways. Although I could do about any type of imagery this is just some that is recent. Thanks hope to gain some good percpectives here.


This image was done on curly maple for a cd cover recenlty


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man thats some seriouslly impressive stuff. i checked out ursite and had a look at the drum body that u got on there, the one where you used to grain of the wood to dothe fish. its bloody well done. i reckon that thisd look pretty sweet on guitars

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That is a really coo guitar but I think what iam trying to do is do more art that deviates from the typical happy tree;s and grandma;s kitty cats that seem to be associated with wood burning.

Right now I don't have a real plan in place but I would charge just based on the amount of time but not strictly. I would just try and figure out with the customer how much detail is required and just estimate and work with the person on seomthing reasonable.

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How much damage does the burning do to the wood? I was thinking you could do fretboards. Make or buy maple fretboards and do designs on them and sell them to people building. I assume that you would be able to make a design quicker and w/o material costs, compared to traditional inlay (so that they would be more affordable). You could do designs on spec as samples and also take orders. Might have to stock a variety of radii for the boards.

Anyway, very nice work.

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I dont know who the main moderator's are here but I just wanted to say we are putting up a link to this site at www.ghostnote.net. This place I think is similar in what we want to do for the drum world online.

Brothers in music

Awsome place. .!

Ooh! Cool!

-- frustrated drummer turned guitarist.

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