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Dunno How I Messed Up Installing A Killswitch


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Man, where's that "slam head against wall" smiley face when you need it?

So I'm wiring up Build #2 today, installing everything, and making it look pretty. And I install all the electronics and whatnot. And I just took it up to the room now to see if the electronics work (no strings on it yet, sadly), and the thing is totally silent on the overdrive channel. Sahweet! Awesome wiring job, shielding, no ground loops, go me! Pat yourself on the back!

Then I check the killswitch, and my sound comes on. I let the switch go.... and the sound goes dead. So I actually installed a liveswitch by mistake.

wiring scheme

switch used. SPST NC

So there are two reasons for this. One: Either I wired wrong. Two: I bought the wrong switch. Either is possible. Either way it's not a huge deal and something that I can fix tomorrow. Does anyone have a clue what it is? I'm a total electronics n00b.

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It would appear you bought a normally closed switch instead of a normally open one. You may just want to switch switches :D

I thought that normally closed was what I wanted, though, no? The circuit's closed, so the signal goes through. Cut the circuit to send it straight to ground. Hell, I dunno how the damn things work to begin with, so I probably have 'em backwards anyways.

I'll try and find a replacement switch tomorrow. Thanks KP!

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Yep, I think you want a normally-open switch and just wire it up the same way.

According to your wiring diagram, when you're doing nothing the switch is closed and the contacts are touching each other, so your signal goes to ground. When you push the button, you open the switch and so THEN your signal goes to the jack. Personally I actually prefer it this way (so it plays like a piano key instead of the opposite), but in this configuration you need a separate toggle switch to take it out of the normal circuit when you're not using it.

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Just a quick update for you guys. I got the right switch, which actually feels better to press on than the old, so that's a plus. Installed it, and now I get that distinctive "tons of static until you touch the metal" tone. Sounds awesome! So I've been searching for a ground loop, can't find one. The search never ends. Maybe I'll get to play this bad boy sometime this month.

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