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I'm gonna be a dad!

Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars
Congrats, I opened the Forum and checked this thread out after tucking my kids in. There's a whole new person on the way. for you and your wife. Now you get to fight over names, I think Dan is a great choice...

Well, you couldnt have read it at a better time. That is too cool. As for dan......

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B)B)B)B):D:D:)B)B):DB)B):DB)B):D Congrats :D
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What Sacred said! Congratulations man, this is always fun when sombody on a board that you frequently listen post about this, and it feels only like a few days later when the message arrives that another little Earth inhabitant has arrived.

so long


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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Thanx for all the ongeats! I really like this place, way better than a maxima forum I was in (for my car)....no help, just talk & bragging. Here, its a communiy, like a family. I dig that.

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oh and btw studies have proven that children that get exposed to complex music with really deep tones shed less gray matter. I personally recommend Zappas the grand wazoo and mahavishnu birds of fire. expose to as much reading and speaking. oh and play different languages for her/him on tape. also makes them SMARTER~! thats why im so BRILLIANT! except in school my parents played zappas wazoo and mahavishnu and other jazz stuff like montgomery...etc. it really does clear the young'ns head. oh and bitches brew is good for that too!

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as a child my bathtoys were a toaster and a radio..so don't ask me for parent tips

i always say.."if i wanna hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet then i will put my shoes on the cat"

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i'm still all about Dan. if it's a girl, Danielle. that easy.

also, as for the torture thing, you have no clue...

my parents were not only my parents, but when i hit high school, they were my teachers, too (they're the band/choir directors at my hs). now that, is torture. except for the part where if you ran out of money for lunch...

but then they also know all your teachers on a way different level than you could imagine, which really creeped me out...

and you couldn't hide getting in trouble from them...

and your mom tried to give you a hug after choir...in front of the potential g/f...


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