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Pics Of Finished Product

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I agree, that is a very nice guitar! Lately I've been finding myself interested in acoustics a lot, and would love to see any progress pictures if you have any.

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it is Black Acacia, Rich you must have remembered from before. I ended up doing a French polish, due to the lack of time. I was up all night finishing it and then drove it down to NJ from Mass. and delivered it. I was nervous due to the fact that i didn't have time to check it and see how it sounded and make any adjustments. The guy loved it and was totally surprised (it was a wedding present for the groom). It sounded Amazing!!! He played a couple of songs and only found one fret buzzing, so i fixed it, then he packed it away. The next night at the wedding there was one of his buddies who was playing a song which he wrote, I asked before we left just to make sure it wasn't the one i just built, due to the fact it had only been played for about 10 minutes. well sure enough that night the guitar was played in front of almost 200 people, my heart was in my mouth praying that nothing broke. all went well and i got about 5 orders. this winter will be a busy one.

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