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Curly Maple Not 1/4 sawn for Neck

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Hey everyone,

I got a large piece of curly maple that I wanted to use for a neck. The piece isn't qtr sawn and I was only going to use a stew mac hot rod truss rod in the neck. Will this be allright or will it be too prone to bending?

Plus the piece is a little warped. Anyone got any advice on flattening one side. I would put it through a planer but it already was put through small 12 inch planner and that didn't fix the warp. I was thinking of running it across a jointer or I have access to a industrial planner which I thought might work too. Anyone got any advice?



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well run it over a jointer with the bow facing down and only take off a little at a time! check after each pass, and it should work fine for you, ALSO !!!!! DONT PUT ALOT OF PRESURE DOWN ON THE PIECE WHEN JOINTING!!!!!, if you do you will flatten the piece then it will bow right back after the pass.

also if your woried about the strength just add two of stew macs carbon reinforcing rods, 16$ and then you will be set !!

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Interesting points. I too have a similar neck board. Flame and was "billed" as rock hard maple. I don't know if it is east or west but I can tell you I can not put a mark in it using my fingernail.

In my case it will be laminated with a center walnut 1/2" wide board. All will be quarter sawn. Was going to use carbon rods, opinions?



BTW, don't know if this means anything but flame looks different that my other boards. The flame is wider and not as defined as the soft maple top deck board I have. It is also not as straight. Does this mean anything?

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What do you mean by curly? Flame is good, quilt is neck no no.

Maybe it's a regional thing (I don't think so) but curly seems to be the more common name used for "Flame" maple when you read woodworking articles. It confused me a bit when I was first starting out. In the guitar building field, I have seen both terms used about evenly but in furniture building, ... I have seen the term curly used much more often.

It's probably one of those things that isn't wrong to use one or the other.

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