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Building A Jem

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Hi everyone im new here on the forum and i need quite a bit of help. I really want to build an Ibanez JEM, but i dont know how to do it, or where to find a body for the project. is there any way to get a JEM body with the monkey handle and everything without paint on it? i am pretty sure i can find a neck on ebay, but i need help on finding a body. i also dont know where to go after i have the body and neck, how do i piece them together and put all of the other stuff on?

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The bodies are also available on eBay. Strongly recommend that if you've never done any guitar repair/construction before start with something like Saga Kit that is almost foolproof to get an understanding, then work up to something like a JEM. It looks easy to buy parts, put in a few screws, spray some paint and solder in some pickups and BOOM it's done - but it's not that easy. Most people seem to be here because we love the challenge :D Welcome. It's a great thing to try - but again - not easy.

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