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Need Help On The Pros And Cons Of Painting A Neck

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Just wondering if i could hear some pros and cons on painting a maple necks rather than leaving it plain...also the side of the fret board is damaged so as a saw on a SG, wat are the pros and cons of painting the side of the fret board

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A painted maple neck will look painted. That part is easy. If you like the natural wood look, you might not want to paint it.

It won't feel different from any other clearcoated neck... clearcoat is clearcoat. What it WILL feel different from is an unfinished neck. If you like the unfinished feel, don't paint your neck.

Vs. an unfinished neck, a painted neck will be easier to keep clean.

As far as your fretboard issue, I'd suggest binding rather than painting the side. Look around for some tutorials on binding and see if it looks like something you could do.

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yup, if it's a clear coated maple neck is won't feel any different after you paint and clear it. It will feel slower than an oiled neck will feel. I personally like an oiled neck over a painted one. Besides the fact that a painted fretboard would just look odd, there would be no negative issues with painting the side of the FB.

If there is a saw mark you might be able to fill it in with a piece of rosewood and never really tell it was fixed. If its just a saw mark you could fill it using a rosewood and superglue blend.

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