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Threaded Insert Size For Bolt On Neck.

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10-24 apparently work well as do 8-32

the main difference comes down to the bolts - i have just recieved some 10-24's which should be good but they have slightly bigger heads than will fit a standard neck plate.. work well with ferrules though. The bolts for 8-32 will fit a standard neck plate

obviously that depends on teh bolts you get but it was the deciding factor with the ones i had available to me - i prefer using ferrules anyway

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I guess my biggest concern with the 8-32 was whether the bolts would be strong enough. I really have no idea how tight you need to make them.

I may order both since S&H is more than the inserts and it sounds like either will be fine. If I decide to use the small neck plate I got from Carvin, I'll go with the 8-32s.



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If you are like me, after you got the 8-32's in there you will often worry that they're not strong enough. I put them on a junk guitar to see. They held, but left me worrying. I don't have the guitar anymore, so don't know if they are still ok or what.

You can also use screws where the head has a flat bottom. Kind of kooky on a plate that has counter-sunk recesses, but it will work. The heads will protrude more than properly fitted tapered bottom heads will.

As for the ferrules : Whatever ferrules Peavey uses have a perfect fit with the tapered bottom of 10-24 *machine* screws. Stew-Macs ferrules on the other hand, are far from a perfect fit (at least the handful I ordered), but you can't really see the mismatch once the screws are tightened.

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