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Wooden Electric Panels

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I made a search on this topic and couldnt' find anything, so I turn to you now.

I've seen many pictures of beautiful guitars with natural finish, and the electrical panel matches the grain of the body of the guitar.

How is this done?

do you cut a thin strip off the bottom of the wood, and then cut this in the shape of the electrical cavity?

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i've never done it but i would imagine that you get your body blank slightly thicker than you need it (5mm+) and then route away everything over than the cover(s) where it will be on the body, then use a flush cut saw to cut it off. then it would match exactly, so long as you got the control cavity in just the right place

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Cavity Cover Thread

Setch's link is on that page, I was just going to link the specific link, but my computer wouldn't load it, so I didn't want to post something useless. Someone else check the link to see if it works. Anyhow, Setch, Wez, and Myka explain this process, which is always very helpful. I do as well, but everything I learned came from them anyway. J

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Another option is to just use a piece of the same wood, match a portion as best you can and use it. If it's in the back and has some dye/color on it, it looks pretty good. I know it's nice to get to perfection, but it is a suitable compromise. I made my last one with black dye on the back and sides with a black cover on the back. It looks fine.

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