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Updates On The Guitar And Also A Favor To Ask

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Hey guys,

I have since been shaping the shim of the PRS 311 tribute project guitar, and am very close to having it ready for glueing. I 'll post pics soon.

This is a bit off topic, but I need your help. My band is in a contest to play in front of thousands and all we need are votes on this website. This is for a foundation againt cancer, and we could win a spot on this huge music festival in sept.

Can you go to www.perurocks.org/show-your-strength , scroll down and check out the bands, and then vote for Open Horizons?

It would be so helpful to us. We were in the lead previously, but somehow the system screwed us and reset everyones votes. Please vote, and spread the word if possible!!!

Thanks so much!!!


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Hey Andre,

I listened to all of them, albeit not the full video on Loki or Pete, and voted for you. All the recordings are pretty bad, but I though you guys were better than the others. Stephie wasn't bad though, and if Pete had a voice, I think his guys woulda smoked everyone.

A couple of the bands seemed to have back up vocalists singing way of pitch, although who could tell with Loki since you couldn't hear her or the back up vocals.

I don't think you're going to be able to beat a bikini top even if you're better. Stephie will get the girl power vote and while I didn't love her rendition, her guitar work and ability to carry a tune seemed ok from what I could tell.

Anyway, good luck,


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