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Ease Of Building A Neckthrough

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I was looking at the projects here, and the thought came to my head, how easy will it be to build a neckthrough guitar, if the neck is premade, while the body is just a Warmoth body or something that is cut by two lines in the middle, creating two wings, so that all there is to do, really, is cut the wings off of the ready guitar, glue and rout.

Thanks for any reply's.

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i'm doing something similar with a neck thru neck from stew-mac, but I'm cutting my own wings, your plan should work in theory, but the pickup routs might go over the centre cut, which isn't really a problem I guess.

Yeah should work as far as I can see.

Not cheap though.

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I did a neckthrough for both my builds. And yeah, Wez is right, it's kind of expensive. If I might point you in the direction of a similar, yet less expensive route.....

guitarbuildingtemplates.com - actual, wooden templates

guitarplansunlimited.com - paper designs that you can cut out and use to make a template

I'd go to one of those websites, and buy an appropriate sized block of wood to cut the wings out of. Between the two, they'd have the shape you're looking for, more likely than not. After that, the going gets pretty easy. I'd also suggest Carvin.com for neckthrough blanks. They are really the best-playing necks around, in my opinion. The only thing to keep in mind with Carvin necks is that they are 25" scale. One benefit of Carvin necks is that you can get most any neck option on a neckthrough blank as you can on one of their production guitars, like inlays/fret size/wood type and so on.

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Most of the pre-made neck through blanks -like Carvin and stewmac have no neck angle. That means you'd need to either take material off of the top of the blank that extends through the body to allow the fretboard to sit higher off of the face of the guitar or you would be stuck using a recessed floyd rose type bridge so you could get your action correct.

So if you don't need to have any neck angle in your build, just gluing your wings onto the sides of the pre-made neck blanks would make for an easy way to build a guitar- but expensive!

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