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Template To Make Scratchplate - Where Do I Get One From?

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i need to make a scratchplate for an 80s squier bullet, is there anywhere you guys know where i can download a template?

i've been given a body and neck and i want to put a humbucker i've got lying around into it.

i'd buy a cheap one and draw round it but since its not that common a guitar i can't find one anywhere. anyone got one and want to draw me a template from it? :D


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If you cant find one you could get a straight on picture of one and blow it up in photoshop to the correct size and print it out and have a template. I did something similar like this with my Number One Build. Found a stratocaster outline the got a straighton view of srv number one and enlarged to match the layout then selected the layer the template was on and traced out all the little nicks and dings etc.....then deleted the top layer and have a good template of number one scratchs mark lines etc....should work for your situation.....and if its bigger then one sheet of paper set your printer settings to poster settings.

Is this the one you need?


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thanks for the reply, the photoshop route would've been my last resort but it seems like i might have to do it, it won't be too hard.

its slightly different from strat or recent bullet-strat scratchplates as it doesn't have the usual separate jack socket, its on the scratchplate itself and there's only two knobs.

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