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I got this pretty cool Ibanez RG with a sweet curly maple neck. But I'm not a big fan of tremolos, and I really like the RG321 hardtail types. I was considering replacing the body (maybe lacewood or walnut) and using the neck with the locking clamps removed, but I was wondering if it is worth it to put a bone nut on it and add back some rosewood to the fingerboard and some dowels in the back of the neck. I mean the shaped part of the fingerboard is all done and good to go. The bit of rosewood would be to support a bone nut and continue the profile to the headstock.

Besides me thinking stupidly, are there horrible drawbacks to doing this, or should I just leaving the locking nut as is and deal? Or should I just go play my hardtail Schecters and sell the Ibanez? :D Has anyone ever done this before?

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i have an ESP F 200 with a floyd rose and ive been thinking about taking the floyd rose completely out, filling the holes and just putting on a bridge and tail piece or string thru...like the more expensive model...anyone ever tried this?

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There's a tutorial for the body...go here.

I'm talking about the neck portion of it. I am thinking about just removing the clamps. It seems so much easier, and I'm such a lazy ass.

It seems easier to sell the body and hardware and purchase (or make) a replacement body instead of filling holes for me, but for an F-200 you'd be better off fixing the body since it's not a "standard" body.

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