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Finishing Tips? Im Lost

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first of all, you sound like you need to do way way way more research.

look thru all of the old threads here and the regular inlay/finish chat, and look for titles that may apply to your questions.


wetsanding is just that.

using wet or dry sandpaper with little bit of water.

it polishes the paint better and doesnt get clogged.

the point of wetsanding is to get a perfectly flat smooth surface of paint before you buff.

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You probably won't get the world's greatest finish ever without spending a lot of money. However, if you want to go the cheap and easy route, I suggest Birchwood Casey's TruOil, which you can find at most Walmarts and gun shops. Search around a little and you'll learn more about it. I may well be using it on my guitar too.

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here is Kenny Kayes list of finishes based on ease and cost effectivness

1. any oil and wax finish. this entails applying oil with an old cotton rag (old so no fibers get stuck in the oil, it gets sticky) and then a few coats later applying the wax, very simple and IMPOSSIBLE to mess up

2. Polyurethane - this ones pretty simple too you dont need to spray it which makes it cost effective aswell as easier to apply (for someone without the equipment) all this really takes is some foam brushes from any hardwarestore (also called poly brushes) then application, then buffing as usual. Heres a great link for info on how to apply and buff poly finishes to high gloss (granted you use high gloss poly - they usually come in 3 flavors [or atleast minwaxes do] high gloss, semi gloss, satin)(fenders are finished in poly)

3. non nitro laquer - takes more investment in tools, is a little more durable, less plasticy than poly tho. needs to be sprayed, buffing procedure is the same.

4. Nitrocellulose laquer - ive never worked with it but i i know its a hassle to work with and the cure time is rediculous

hope this helps a little

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