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Ebony Crack Repair Advice Needed


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I've recently added the ebony hs overlay and after removing the clamps noticed a nice splitting down the center..... this is my first attempt and pretty sure how I did it buy anyway I'm looking for advice on how to fill it using ebony dust, ca, ect. thanks.

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using ebony dust, ca, ect.

Yes, thats right. Just make sure the cracking/splitting will not continue further. Sand the face and collect the dust. Liberally pack dust and CA glue into the split until its "proud" (ie. above surface level) and then sand flush. Ebony is about the only type of wood where you can get away with this type of repair without it being noticeable. :D

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ebony is commonly dyed as most of it comes streaked; you can dye it black if you're not happy with the repair. You can always use a wood filler and the touch up stains from stew mac or even a stain pen from the hardware store. I've seen people use shoe polish and a sharpie marker. Hard to tell without seeing a picture.

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