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Help With 2 Humbucker And 5 Way Switches

Tiago Sarturi

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any non conventional (there's a lot) wiring and pickup uses need special switches and it's very hard to just find the right one and i need to "improvise".

Someone who are familiar which switches can give me a help???

I want to do this wiring http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/4580/rg2620egg7.gif

but it's very hard to find and i moved forward to dimarzio and they gave a new diagram using their EP1112 multipole switch that look like this http://img357.imageshack.us/img357/2hum1vo...eep1112hso5.gif and again is very hard to find (i'm paying with Paypal and need it shipped to Brazil)...

Now i'm looking for the superswitches (5 way 4 pole) like these: http://www.allparts.com/store/electr...00,Product.asp


I need 2 infos:

The EP1112 from dimarzio are exact the same poles from the superswiches???

Anyone have a diagram to the wiring i want using the Superswitches that are easy to find???

Thanks for any help!!!

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I used this diagram recently.


I think it's close to what you're looking for, but it uses the more standard type of 5 way switch. I couldn't access some of your links, but one I saw showed the Japan type switch with all the poles in a line. The diagram from guitartechcraig is called 'humbucker lovers', in case you want to try a search elsewhere.

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I don't know, the links got those "...." on the filename, very strange.

Here's the dimarzio alternative 4 pole 5 switches wiring to special 5 way switches from ibanez:


But now i've bought a normal "fender like" 4 pole 5 way switches and the guy who sold me gave me a page showing the diferences between the dimarzio and fender 4 pole 5 switches, i'm think i'm on my way i think...


I just need to find a way to redraw and understand this dimarzio wiring and change the right lugs (maybe one or two) to use the fender switch....

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