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bandsaw size?

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what size bandsaw is neccissary for body cutouts? im looking and i see bandsaws for 600-1000 dollars? anything cheaper/smaller?

EDIT: in addition... what is a good size router to use? im a complete newbie when it comes to tools, and i need to know what a good size router/bandsaw is for making guitars

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my bandsaw is buy $200 T_T


and i buy jigsaw $170

in korea wood working tool is not cheap..... T_T

pic is my hand & my daughter (14 month baby ^^)

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FWIW, I've heard from other people who have them that the smaller than 12" bandsaws are more prone to breaking blades. I can't attest to that myself as I've only used 12" or larger ones. Also nearly everyone that has one of the small ones seems to end up getting or wanting to get a larger one.

As to routers, I would recommend one that is at least 1-1/2 horsepower. With the lower horsepower ones, you're more limited in the amount of wood you can take off in one pass, especially with larger bits.

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