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A planer is a machine that has a cylindrical rotating cutting blade that is fixed in place and spins on bearings which is attached to the motor pulley usually by a belt.

The second part is the flat table and feed belt that is height-adjustable.

You lay your wood on the feed table, adjust the table up or down to present the piece of wood to the cutting wheel, depending on how much wood surface you want to plane off the top. It's basic function is to put a flat surface on a piece of wood and/or take off wood in incremental amounts.

Think of those old-world printing presses like you see in old movies where you can see the printing wheel spinning like mad and the paper copies come flying out...dig?

Or like a wood chipper/mulcher machine (well, sort of)

Kinda like dat.

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well you can usualy get wood planed for free or a couple bucks when you buy it. That's kinda what you're paying for when you see 2 peice body blanks being sold for a bit more then what the wood actually costs. It's not absolutely nessecary, you can do the same thing with hand planer, some sandpaper and a ruler but it'll take you QUITE some time.

dang... beat me to is wes :D

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