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Stewmac Ferrules


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Hello all,

I decided to recess my rear stewmac ferrules for my guitar project. I am using part number 0173. I got the idea to recess these ferrules after this link here at project guitar.

The problem is that I cannot find a cap screw counterbore bit that can match the 5/16 diameter hole (not the flange). I can find the cap screws with the cutter diameter of 25/64 but the cap won't fit the main hole.

Has anyone done this before? I want to counterbore to make a clean look and for a fast and very precise hole. I already checked ics cutting tools and msc direct. Can anyone help? Maybe I missed something.


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Hey, this quote came from the thread you referenced....

Their website is http://www.mscdirect.com . The pieces I bought are their part numbers 0879024 (3/8" counterbore) and (5/16" pilot) - these are for the recessed lip on the ferrule.

I also bought a 5/32" pilot with 5/16" couterbore to get the main ferrule counterbore done.

This quote seems to reference part #s.

Here ya go



Thats a 3/8 counterbore and a 5/16 pilot...you should make sure these are the sizes you need for your ferrules

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Yeah, I checked those part numbers several times, they don't match up with my ferrules from stewmac. It is easy to find the main bit for the ferrule (5/16 diameter hole). But, I cannot find a counterbore cap drill which has a pilot that matches the ferrule hole of 5/16. The closest I can find is this. The pilot hole diameter is just too small compared to the 5/16 hole that the ferrule requires. I must admit, this is getting frustrating.

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The links don't work to msc direct for some reason. The part # of the cutter diameter that I saw was C92704. Again, the cutter diameter is correct but the pilot cap is not the right diameter for my ferrule. needs to be 5/16. I went ahead and got a quote for a custom bit from msc direct. I'm still looking around though. Has anybody recessed a stewmac ferrule with the flange with these type of bits? I'd like to know where you found 'em if you used 'em.

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