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Wood To Respond To Piezos

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I have a Baggs T Bridge and CTRL X (thanks piedpiper) which I will put on a build in the future (that hasnt been planned yet lol)

and I was wondering if there is a wood that is particularly suited to piezo use? Or the best acoustic sounding wood?

lol I know it sounds a bit tone voodooey but I have no idea for the body wood yet so I was just wondering.


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I'm not exactly sure how those things work, but I've looked at them a lot. As I understand, they're not actually catching vibrations from the top, like a traditional piezo strip would. They're capturing the vibrations from the saddles in the bridge. So if that's true, it probably doesn't really matter much what type of wood you use. If you want to get voodooey, the answer to your question is spruce. We could debate as to what's the best acoustic wood, but spruce is probably the most popular choice. It's not used much for electric guitars because it's softer than most people like and scratches fairly easily. I say use whatever you want, and let us know how it goes. I'm particularly interested to find out.


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My take on your question/ questions would be something along these lines. One the bridge and saddles are supporting the elements and the strings set on the elements, so your elements are most directly going to respond to what it is contacting them. There may be indirect modifications to the way the strings vibrate by the material the bridge is anchored in or by the material and way the neck and body are made, but these are what you normally deal with. If you were dealing with an element placed under an acoustic saddle(the saddle material could be significant, and supporting wood), or one that was attached to the underside of a bridge plate on an acoustic. Then you would be in direct contact with wood. That would seem to be a more direct relationship.

I think piezo systems can be very effective on solid bodies. I think an actual acoustic instrument using piezo's is actually a tuffer instrument to get a good "acoustic" sound out of(electronically of course).


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