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refinishing a mapple neck

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I've got a Jem 77 BFP and, as you know, the fingerboard is in mapple. It is very dirty. I cleaned it with lighter fluid and I rubbed gently it with 0000 grade steel. The matter is that some finishing of the fretboard has gone (actually, it was the case before I cleaned it). So if I play again with the guitar, the fingerboard will be dirty quickly.

Therefore, my question is How can I put some oil or refinish the fretboard to protect it again against dirt ?

Any informtation will be great,

Many thanks


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Sadly the only way to truely protect the fingerboard from dirt is to refinish it with new clearcoat. Fortunately this doesn't reqiure a refret. oncce you get the board clean and free from oil and dirt, mask the headstock and back of the neck and re-clear the fingerboard. after a week or so of cure/drying time remove the clearcoat from the frets with a razor blade and steel wool

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From what I can see in the pic, there worn areas are badly 'stained' and the wood has absorbed all the sweat and finger oils. I don't think you can 'clean' that up. Only resort is sanding which is very difficult to cut level and tricky around that inlay. If that was a Tele neck, I'd call it a nice relic. If you can rub out those stains, than you're lucky. Shoot the clear right after.

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