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Getting A Neck To Fit The Pocket Perfectly

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Hey guys, I am getting close to being all done with the neck pocket on my bass build, but I wanted to ask some opinions/advice. The neck fits really well, but still not quite perfectly. There are two small issues. The first is that there is maybe a 1/16" gap (could be even less than that) between the end of the neck and the end of the pocket. Is this going to be a huge issue for me and will it adversly affect performance? The other issue is that the pocket does not seem completely level from front to back, causing an angle on the neck. I pulled the neck off a Fender copy, so I assume that it requires a flat bottomed pocket just like a regulary fender, but it seems that I keep shaving off wood on the correct side of the pocket, but it doesn't seem to get any better. I don't want to just plow ahead and remove a ton of wood, but I also want to get the neck sitting perfectly in there. Any suggestions? Should I use sandpaper or chisels? Any other ideas? Thanks.

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