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Ibanez Wiring


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Hi guys,

I am buying an Ibanez RG1570 and am thing of replacing the pickups and putting in a push pull potentiometer.

Here are my thoughts, A Dimarzio Evolution or PAF Pro in the bridge, and maybe a type of Seymour Duncan or dimarzio in the middle and neck position.

The guitar is a HSH configuration and I want to rewire it with a push pull potentiometer for the volume.

I found one wiring diagram from Ibanez and this is it SV5470 wiring

I was wondering about the push pull potentiometer as it has 12 points to solder on and all the pictures I’ve seen the pots only have 6. Do I have to special order one? Also the switch looks quite weird do I have to order one as well or can I use my standard Ibanez one?

If you look at the first picture of the switch you will see in writing OTAX and to the left and right there are wires going into what looks like holes, are these just soldered onto the switch?

Cheers for the help

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Wow...that is a push pull version of fenders S-1 switch...I wish I knew where I could get one of those...I imagine ibenez don't sell them do they...I know fender don't sell there's!

If your guitar has one of these...you do not want to change anything...if not, perhaps you should be buying the higher end guitar that does include it. It seems odd to buy a low level guitar and then upgrade the pickups immediately...the pickups you mentioned may well cost more than the entire guitar!!!

just a few thoughts there...

You can get a 4pdt toggle switch that could be wired to such a configuration, but I have not seen a push pull 4pdt like this and I wonder if you can get them outside of the guitar. If I am wrong, I desperately want to know as I could use one to turn my sustainer on for instance and I have been looking a long time for something that could do this...if anyone knows where to get one, let me know!


PS...welcome to PG John123 :D

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Oh I see thats a shame. Well is there any other way I could use a 6 pin push pull pot on a HSH guitar to get differnet tones?

Edit: Well i found a schematic Here and it looks great, but could someone tell me what pickups would be engaged when I push and pull the potentiometer?

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It is a shame because it is a very versatile scheme with tones of options. It could be done with any 4pdt toggle switch, but not with a push-pull pot that I can find.

There have been a lot of posts lately on wiring stuff...in fact you could look at this which I have edited down for even more wiring schemes and assistance....

There are two sites you must know when thinking custom wiring...Project Guitar is not one of them!

First, the guys over at Guitar Nuts 2 Forum have a bunch of great tested schematics...but also quite a few experienced people good at the logic and advice...I know because thay have helped me in the past probably more than I can help people here :D

Second, the most amazing and comprehensive site comes from Japan (fortunately there is an english version)...DGB Studio. There are hundreds and hundreds of wiring diagrams for every combination of pickups and a lot of the standard wiring in stock instruments too. For builders there's plenty of other unusual stuff like scale lengths, fret distances and string tensions. But the wiring schemes are astonishing...

1H Mod (93)

1S Mod(26)

2H HH Mod(208)

2S Mod(87)

HS Mod(36)

SH Mod(60)

3H Mod(33)

3S Mod(86)

3S_2 Mod(129)

HSH Mod(67)

SHS Mod(20)

SSH Mod(107)

Bass Mod(84)

W-Neck Mod(18)

The above is just the passive section...yes that's right 208 different wiring schemes for 2xHB's...215 for a 3xS strat!. Not only that, you can even work out combinations and make up your own. They have active systems and the wiring codes for most available pickups!


The seymour duncan scheme is pretty neat though and possible even with the stock pickups. I still think it a bit odd to buy a guitar and plan massive pickup replacement costs and trick wiring before you have even heard the thing! In housing it is called "over capitalization"...don't install a swimming pool in a slum neighborhood.

What this scheme is doing is splitting both humbuckers with a single switch. So, it is cutting one coil out of each HB making it "like" a three single coil guitar (eg strat) with the switch up. However...do not think doing this will give you an instant strat...HB's do not sound like single coils nor do they have the power or tone...but some can sound fairly good and it makes for some useful variations It would also be a very easy one to do...

hope that helps...but have a look at recent threads here and to get to the one quoted...click on that little pink arrow (at the top of the quote) and it will take you straight there...


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Actually...not only do you need a 4pdt switch to change it over (I'd like to see you try with a single DPDT switch :D ) you will need a 4p5t supers switch selector.

I don't know what is in you standard Ibanez...but it is unlikely to have one of these. The SV5470 has a 24 pole selector but I did not recognize it as it is an Ibanez one...your new guitar might...but probably not!

This would appear to be Ibanez's answer to fenders S-1 selector. Again, if you are going checp...don't expect the bells and whistles. Throwing several hundred dollars of pickups and rewiring a complex switching like this is not going to be necessarily easy (there's not usually much room in these guitars for a start) but it won't make your guitar play better.

I don't know the guitars, but it usually isn't just the switching and pickups that are cheaper...


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It depends on what you want to do and how confident you feel. You also should think about whether you want to do this before you see what is in the guitar.

A superswitch has actually 24 poles...a common and 5 for each selection x4...so it is effectively two 12 poles together...

If you look at the diagram you first posted...http://www.ibanez.com/support/wiring/2008/SV5470.pdf

you will see what looks like two selectors with 6 terminals on each side of the switches...in fact these are one switch joined and that switch together.

This is the Ibanez version of the super switch, but the more common one is on the top and wider and sometimes can be difficult to get into a shallow guitar or cramped control cavities as is typical on an ibanez.

It is not unusual for a guitar like an Ibanez to come standard with a 12 pole switch (technically a dp5p) so you may not need to buy anything much. Can you find a wiring diagram of the guitar you are buying?

I really think you have to wait until the guitar turns up and have a good look at what space and options that might be possible.

In fact, if you are going to change the pickups...I would play the guitar as stock for a bit, change out the pickups with the stock wiring...and then look at the more extensive wiring scheme. This will make it easier to troubleshoot and give clues as to what you actually what extras you actually want and what would be best to achieve it...

I am not familiar with mega and other prewired kinds of switches...typically they make things a little easier but I am not sure about the quality and it often restricts what can be done. Super switches (24 pole) are quality gear and ultimately flexible...but they may not fit into the guitar!


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The wiring diagram for the RG1570 shows a very standard 8 pole selector and allows coil splitting in positions 2 and 4. You would need a 24 pole super switch as well todo the kind of thing the SL versions do...see previous posts...

There are lots of things you could do with a 4pdt switch, but best to enjoy the guitar a while before looking to heavily modify it.


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Found a source for the 4PDT switch on a push pull pot - a german company called MEC, (who apparently makes pickups and other equipment for Warwick and Framus) manufactures some of these. Their website is http://www.mec-pickups.de.

The only source I've located so far for ordering these aftermarket is Banzai, located in the UK.

Here's a link to a 500K pot version of this:


They also make some other cool things, like a three-gang pot (!) with two 250K sections, one reverse of the other (for "balance" style control) and one 500K section, with a push pull DPDT on there. Also available at Banzai. I haven't used Banzai as a supplier, but I know plenty of folks at the DIY Stompboxes forum have, and I'm under the impression they're pretty good to deal with.

Actually, it looks like the Warwick shop ( http://shop.warwick.de) sells most of their stuff too. The descriptions arent't always the most straightforward.

http://shop.warwick.de/product_info.php/in...Poti--mono.html is a link to the same part number as on the Banzai site, although warwick lists it as a "4 DPDT" rather than a "4PDT"...

Most of those pots are board mount style, but it seems like they also sell small PCBs with disconnects and molex-style connectors on wire for ease of use.

Haven't found a US local distributor yet. Maybe someone like Small Bear could start carrying some of those.

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