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Grizzly Kits

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I've been looking through the kits from Grizzly in their catalog for some time now and i've been a little skeptical on the quality of the finished instrument. I'm looking for some feedback from anyone who has built any of the kits. Acoustics, electrics, mando etc...

How does it sound? What materials is it made from? Action and playability?


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I built the steelstring kit and the bass kit. I'm gonna say that the bass is a really expensive kit but it's okay. the acoustic is actually very good. it has a really warm and full sound and a very ringy high end. I did use the french polish method though and that might have helped. The bass is alder (with a quilted maple veneer if you get the high end kit) with a maple neck. The acoustic has basswood ply sides and i think a solid spruce top. I'm not sure what the neck is but it might be poplar. They are a great way to get into guitar making. With the acoustic, beware. The fretboard was a little long between the first fret and the nut. And it may take a bit of work to get it setup to a good string height.

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yeah, the bass did have just a veneer and I saw the others in a grizzly showroom and they do too. The acoustics don't have veneers but the sides are ply. The steel string as I said does sound good. The pickups on the bass don't have any names on them. I guess they're okay but I'll probably get new ones sometime. The hardware is good on the bass but the acoustic has pretty cheap tuners and plastic nuts and saddles.

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