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Double Neck Signal Switching Question


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Hi all

hope someboy can help me with this.

I have a Bass/Guitar doubleneck: DSC00217.jpg

To be able to send the guitar signal to a guitar amp and the bass signal to a bass amp, I've installed a stereo jack to send both signals seperately to a switchbox. in the switchbox, I've split the stereo signal to two mono-jacks, 1 for guitar and 1 for bass. Ground is shared.

using the selectorswitch on the guitar, I select either bass or guitar.

the problem is however that when I play bass, my guitar amp is giving a lot of noise and vice versa when I play guitar.

My idea of a solution is to bypass the selectorswitch on the guitar and have a DPDT footswitch installed in my switchbox to mute the guitarsignal when playing bass and vice versa, by shorting the non-used signal to ground.

I'm afraid however that when I switch back from 1 instrument to the other, this will result in a <plop> or <crack>sound in the amp because of the switching from ground to signal at once.

Will this indeed happen? Is there a way to prevent this?



thanks for your help!

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Hi Saber

I'll maybe need another switch for that in my guitar, but something worth checking, thanks.

My preference is a foot swicht however, so I can switch between bass/guitar faster.

ultimately I'd also like to build in 2 LED's in my switchbox to show which signal is active.


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thanks Acoustic Smash

I don't want to drill another hole for an extra mono-output, so I'll stick to the stereo with external box.

I'll do some experimenting with the grounds and a footswitch, see what happens! :D

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