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would this be usedfull?

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Both a router and a bandsaw. probably two of the most valuable power tools for building. You have to cut shapes and you have to rout cavities....

Here's a good type of sander to start with:


A spindle sander is handy too, but as you can see you're starting to spend some serious money. You can get by without a spindle sander to begin with if you have a drill, a steady hand and a drum sanding kit for your drill. Except for inside the horns the above sander will do the trick. If you have the cash and you're serious about building guitars (or just woodworking in general) then get all of the above. You'll move a lot quicker if that's what you're after. IMO the bandsaw is the "must have" tool. It makes cutting bodies a breeze and you get get very close and minimize having to sand a big hunk of wood to shape.

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In the listing for the router it says it uses 19 amps. You can't run that off your regular house curcuit, you'll blow the fuses. It may be a typo, I'd email the company and ask them. House curcuits are 110 - 120VAC @ 15amps. I have a Craftsman 3.5HP 15amp router, with "soft start", which means the motor doesn't require more than 15amps to start up, or "kick start" like some motors do (or they are "capasitor start", where you see a "handle" looking thing on the motor which is a large capasitor), because it would blow the fuse if it did.

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one more thing... just curious what a drill press does and what it is used for... should i get one?


Basically you drill holes with them, but you drill them with acuracy(sp?). You can also get drumsander attachments for them. I would recommend one for drilling bridge post or screw holes, neckbolt holes, string-thru body holes.

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In terms of sanders i highly recomend the RIGID spindle & belt sander, it's a stationay unit that does both, it's a very essential tool for me. Spindle sanders are great for sanding inside the horns of the guitar

Couldn't find it listed on the homedepot site anymore though, not sure if they sell it anymore :D


I have that chicago electric 3hp router, runs fine in my garage, i know the garage runs on 220, but i don't know about 15 or 19amps, and i can say is it's a great router so far (only used it twice so far) and i haven't blow a fuse.

Drill presses are good for drilling holes that need to be a perfect 90 degress or any other angle (adjustable table arm), they're also good for controlled depth drilling.

B) i remember that one you showed us wes..... mmmmmm that'd be sweet.

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I used to have a three wheel bandsaw. It was only a 9 inch model, about the same amp rating as the one you were checking out. I did cut a body or two with it but sold it when I found a 1/2 HP Delta 10 inch for $50 (newpaper classified ad). The 3 wheel was okay, but might not be suited for a heavy workload.

I agree that you don't need such a heavy-duty router and that would be a good place to save $. I use sanding drums on my drill press all the time. I think a drill press is a good tool choice.

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