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How To Remove This Headstock Veneer/overlay

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Hi everyone, on my current build I am taking the neck from a past bass. I am going to ultimately add ears and a front veneer and backstrap. In order to do so, I need to remove this ugly veneer/overlay stuff. I was thinking of using either a hairdryer or an iron on low with a cloth over it to loosen any kind of glue and then using a thin metal blade or something to peel it up. Anyone done this before? It's thin stuff, but I don't want to try to sand it or anything. Thanks.


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Don't know why I didn't see that, it does appear to be paint with a nice coat of nitro over it. Any ideas on removing the nitro besides just sanding or is that my only option? This is definitely not an Ibanez, it is a cheap generic bass (the headstock just comes to a pretty ugly point). Thanks for your help guys.

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