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Hand Plane, Haelp!

Sami Ghouri

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I read somewhere on the forum that there's a book about this, but finding it here is not gonna be practical and shipping it from some online store will take a decade and a fortune. Can someone post a tutorial or simply tell me how to tune it/burnish it right??? i bought a cheap rolson plane that was my only option at ACE hardware. It came with a blade the looked somewhat burnished, sharp enoguh to cut skin at least!

i bought another Stanley blade just in case the blade it came with turns out (and it most probably will) to be absolute bull... now my problem is just your regular noob issue.... either scratches or the plane digs and gets stuck... i tried making the blade as parallel to the surface as possible with very minimal length of cutting but it didn't help... tried burnishing it further with a dremel grinding stone and then 600 grit sandpaper which made it a bit sharper but still no luck at getting shavings (except for the edges, but that can be shaved with about anything coz it's a corner so it doesn't count!)

i could do a better job with my japanese sushi knife! i was really hoping for a good help from this tool =(

btw, don't shoot me, but since it's my first build, i'm working with pine.... several pieces glued together... worked out fine until i tried leveling it with my plunge router and made insane mistakes and slips.....

HAAAELP! and thanks! =D

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this is a VERY common issue with anyone getting involved in woodworking. I found hand planes to be one of the toughest things to get decent at (i say decent because im still not great with them... but i have come a long way). If you search the forums, google it, or even check youtube... you will come accross hundreds of tutorials. There is so much to a plane blade. It sounds like you need to do some research on how to use a plane blade as it will give you better insight into sharpening. Thats where i made my mistake. I figured if i can sharpen a plane, i can use a plane, but sharpening is only half the struggle. If you are having trouble planing pine then you got some reading to do :D

A second note... your working with pine for a guitar build? Ive never heard of it.. anyoen else?

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Hi Sami,

If the plane is like my stanley, then you need to do two things, tune up the body, and tune up the blade. Do you have something super flat that you can use. I use a piece of 5/8" thick glass, but 1/4" might work too. Once you find something like that, get some wet dry sandpaper from the auto store. A variety pack will be best because you're going to go through the grits from as low as 180 or so, all the way up to 2000.

Besides the flat surface to put the sandpaper on, you're also going to need a guide to sharpen the blades. Tune up the body first, making sure it's flat. It' doesn't have to be perfect perfect, but you when you run it over the flat sandpaper, you want to see most of the base getting sanded.

As to sharpening the blade, google "scary sharp" and blades and you'll find a tutorial :D

If you don't, let me know and I'll find it.



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thanks d00dz! phew i thought i was just an idiot being an engineer and still feeling so clueless about this simple tool! (or what looked as a simple one)....

i'll google for tutorials or if i find the time i'll just go to a carpenter somewhere and have him show me how to deal with it....

regarding the pine, i think if you just type pine in the search u'll see ZILLIONS of threads and millions of mixed opinions about it.... some of the very early fenders (i believe the old esquires) were made of pine but don't quote me on that.... however what i'm sure of is that some new squiers are made of pine and that some early fenders were. don't know which ones for sure....

i thought i'd try it since my time is VERY limited (i calculate the time i need for my morning coffee... even on weekends!) and the budget is VERY limited as well.... and it's my first build so i dont wanna have nightmares if i mess up a pretty piece of wood that i'd like to keep you know!!!

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and the budget is VERY limited as well.... and it's my first build so i dont wanna have nightmares if i mess up a pretty piece of wood that i'd like to keep you know!!!

I have just been there. I started with pine for the same reasons. I ended up with a playable guitar though, and it doesn't look too bad. Don't worry, you will gain confidence. I am into a second guitar now, using much better wood.

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