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My Black Limba Acoustic

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I've been building myself an acoustic made of black limba/sitka spruce (got the wood from Rich) it will have rosewood fingerboard/binding/bridge and fishman matrix infinity electronics. I love the quality of the wood, the spruce is *very* fine grained and has an even white color across the entire piece, plus the black limba has some crazy orange streaking through it.

It has a "player" sound hole on the upper bout and a butt jointed bolt on neck joint. I'm thinking of mounting the volume control of the electronics in the sound hole on the upper bout. It should look pretty cool.


Click here for more pictures.

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Daniel you have been snooping my profile I see

Really nice guitar looks a bit washed out against that wall though! I really like the back of it. :D

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Looking great Daniel. That orange striping is the african version of the ambrosia beetle at work.

thats one cool infestation!

any idea why it goes orange? and does it stay orange or does it fade?

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I've got the fingerboard/binding on and I'm doing the inlay right now. It's got 5mm MOP dots on the bass side as position markers and a MOP cross at the 12th fret extending through 3 frets. Pictures to come.

To the best of my knowledge the orange does not fade. I sure hope it doesn't, I love that look :D

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Here are some pictures of the inlay. The dots on the headstock are a braille S.

All thats left to do before finishing is fret/carve the neck and bind the body. I can't wait to play this one.





Check this out, it's a shot through the upper bout sound hole, you can see the sunlight coming through the spruce. Very cool.


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looks really good, those bug streaks will maybe turn a bit more yellow but generaly dont change much unless you remove much wood. i did have some limba change quite a lot - that was unusual colouring though

went from this:


to this


you can see the bug streaks are now more yellow than orange but i think thats because the most orange sections got carved away rather than a lot of fading. you can see the unusual ginger streaking did fade out quite quickly though

One pic per post please, except in the IN progress and finished topic area. Just a friendly reminder :D MK

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I'd have put the cross the otherway round so its upright when being played I'd also have ditched the dot on the twelth. My opinion only obviously and if I had your obvious skill i'd be a happy man!

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Nice work!

A query on the side braces: are they tucked into the lining or not? The first ones I did weren't, but I soon changed that after a few people mentioning that they'd had cracks on reinforced sides happen right next to the edge of the lining, which a brace that isn't tucked won't help stop. I personally also thin the ends of the braces (X) down a good bit more (about 1/16" - 1/32" thick) at the ends in the lower bout - I've done it progressively more on each guitar top I've done, and it does open up the bout a decent amount, without really negatively affecting structural stability/strength in the area.

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No the side braces are not tucked into the lining, I'll have to make note of that for the next one.

The bracing on this one is a bit thicker then previous builds as I wanted it to be a fairly bright sounding guitar.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

BTW I just got the neck carved and the grain looks amazing. All thats left is to fret and the neck will be done.

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