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My Black Limba Acoustic

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Safety wise it's not too much worse than nitro, so if you have a good carbon filter respirator and your spraying outside I wouldn't worry about it (don't even think about it without the right respirator, you will kill yourself). I'd be more concerned about the neighbors complaining about the smell (true for any finish).

It might actually work pretty well outdoors because it flashes off in maybe 3 or 4 minutes and it's dry to the touch. So you wouldn't have so many problems with stuff getting in the finish.

Here is a link to it. Link

Another nice thing is it only costs $22 USD per gallon, which is insanely good.

After grainfilling I spray one coat, scuff sand, spray two coats, wait a week and than final sand/buff.

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You were right, those are some better pictures! :D That guitar is absolutely beautiful, and the last picture now took possession of my wallpaper. Great work! Also, I was browsing through your other photos and saw this one....interesting view! :D

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I posted how the extra sound hole works a few posts up, but you must have missed it.

The extra sound hole on the upper bout not only makes it sound good for the player, but it gives it a very 3D sound in front of the guitar too. If I cover it up it sounds much more muffled and sterile, but when you uncover the hole it has a really great 3D sound, almost like there is a chorus on it. It also has really good bass response. I was expecting a much brighter sound, but it sounds really balanced and is extremely loud with good bass response. It's louder and has more bass than my brothers takemine dreadnought, and of course has better more clear highs and strong mids.

I'm extremely happy with how it turned out and I know it will just get better in the months to come.

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Very close to mahogany in the midrange, but with a much more defined and prominent low end, I'm not sure weather to attribute this to the black limba, or the bracing design and light construction.

This was an exceptional piece of spruce and the sound is very above average. Everyone I've shown it to so far has compared it to their $3000+ high end acoustic and mine has won hands down in the sound department every time. No contest.

Plus it's only gotten better over the last month. I can't wait to hear it in a year or so after it's really broken in.

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