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Normally not a big fan of this relic craze that seems to be going on lately.

Do love the SRV and Rory originals, but like I said the originals. Not the fake copies.

Till I bumped into this.



I think they are simply gorgeous. Almost too perfect.

I was wondering how this was done.

The first thing that popped in my mind was walnut shell blasting. Like sand blasting, but less aggressive.

The other thought was that the paint may not have been taken off, but slowly build up.

Can't believe how this otherwise could have been done. As layering in the paint is so nicely exposed.


Here are the original links here and here

One pic per post please unless in the in progess and finished topic section. :D just a friendly reminder!! Mikro

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yeah, i'm a big fan of the bravewood stuff. i had the pleasure of playing a 62 strat he had done recently and it was amazing the man is a perfectionist. i am hoping to see a bass soon as well.

anyway, like i say... a real perfectionist. its my understanding that the guitars are fully finished to perfection and left to cure before any relicing starts. i am not sure how he does it but that means he isnt taking the usual shortcuts of crazing lacquer purposely as part of the spraying process and i wouldnt be surprised if he did each bit of wear meticulously by hand

i must say i sometimes feel he does a bit too much edge wear on the heavy relics but the lighter ones are superbly authentic

here is the one i played:




this one has a humbucker but the owner had to find a real 62 scratchplate already cut for a humbucker before bravewood would agree to make it!!

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