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Urgent Help Needed

Sami Ghouri

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i don't know what's going wrong, i've wired many guitars before with no probs.... but this one's driving me nuts! it's an old yamaha EG112 pack guitar which has the HSH config. a friend of mine refinished it somewhere and asked me ot wire 2 Select humbuckers instead of the stock yamaha. the switch looks very cheap (and it is indeed) but my problem is that i'm STILL getting some hum after wiring..... it's getting frustrating coz i checked everything a million times!! and it all seems to follow the diagram EXCEPT for the 5 way switch which has a weird solder point plan... three on each side which i haven't seen before.... here are some pics of the guitar and the switch..... i'm thinking of keeping hte middle coil for filling the gap and wiring the single output of one (or both) of the humbuckers instead. would that work electrically???? selecting BOTH the humbucker output (white wire) along with teh single coil output (red wire) of ONE humbucker simultaneously?

please help if possible, i need to return this asap!

thanks a million!



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