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12 String Semi Hollow Acoustic

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Well the guitar body is well under way now and is on the subs bench until the neck is part done. To progress the project I need to work out the string spacing. I'm looking at a NUT width of 48mm, but I have no idea what the string spacings should be, not only between each main string, but also between the string pairs.

I can't make the saddle/bridge until I've calculated this, or found the answer.

I've looked through google and on some of the manufacturers websites but there is nothing there.

Can anyone please help me?



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two ways I can think of

1.get a slotted 12 string nut.

2. from the bass side of the neck

All in mm........4,7......11.5,14.8.......19.4,22.........27,29.8.........34.5,37.5....


I just got these off my plans, it looks as if the second string of each pair is roughly 3mm from the first. I put in fractions of mm to show that they all aren't exactly 3mm from the main strings.

If it's any help the centres between the holes on the bridge is 11mm that's on both rows and then the centres between the string pairs is 4mm

Draw it full scale and see what it looks like

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