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Pickup Router

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Because they can very a little from manufacturer to manufacturer and your making a custom, just measure the how high the pickup stands on it's own from the table. You'll never need to put it that deep into the body so that would give you a good idea. You might still want to go the extra and route out deeper cavitys on the sides for height adjustment screws if your going to ring mount it vs direct mount.

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Derek, when direct mounting pickups you can use screws instead of bolts, and then use small washers as spacers if necessary. Probably not the only way of doing it but thats how I've seen it done. I've just been wondering if there is a way to mount EMG's so you don't even see the screws on the side, just the block of the pickup, I think it would look sweet.

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i don't rout the deeper holes onthe side...i snip off  the ends of the mounting screws

how do you keep it on the guitar then? glue? and you do this to your emg's???

i really don't know what you mean,derek.i don't glue anything.i use mounting rings and all i do is take the standard bolt and snip the end off to make it shorter.it still threads right through.that is all those little deeper spots are for anyway is to make room for that long bolt.

maybe you think i snip the head off?i don't do that,it's the other end.

i don't do anything to the pickup :D

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