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Canadians Interested In Getting The Guitar Vise From Stew-mac

Guest RavenT

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I once found a link here to MidwayUSA for the Wheeler pattern makers vise opening to a max of 4”. http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.exe/...leitemid=577167

Priced at $82.99 the only problem is that they won’t ship to Canada. The other day while surfing I cam across the Patternmaker’s or Gunstock Carving Vise at Woodcraft and opens to 6” for $124.99 http://www.woodcraft.com/family.aspx?familyid=3961 yah I know it is more expensive but let me tell you more. So I wrote to them and told them that it was at a high price and that MidwayUSA sold it for $82.99. So this morning when I looked at my emails I found one from Woodcraft saying that they would meet the price. So now I have the vise for only $100.89 US and that is whit the shipping now all I have to do is put some polyurethane padding on the wooden blocks and a speed wheel and it’s the same as the Stew-Mac guitar vise for half the price.

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Price on these keeps coming down, 'cause the quality is apparently not what it used to be (they used to be made better, from what I've been told).

I have one of the "shoddy quality" ones. Needs a lot of tuning up to work smoothly.

Best thing I did was to buy the threaded rod/ nylon locking nut upgrade kit from Stew-Mac. That got rid of a whole lot of sloppyness in the swivel jaws. (I did not buy the vise from Stew-Mac)

Don't even think of trying to buy replacement threaded rods anywhere other than stew-mac, because it's a totally "out in left field' thread size on those suckers.

But if you can make threaded rods yourself on a lathe, or have a friend who is able to do that, you're even better off.

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