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Walnut & Mahogany - Tru-oil?


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Hey, I've been meticulously planning a neck through build with Walnut and Mahogany. The neck would be a 5-piece, using Mahogany-Maple-Walnut-Maple-Mahogany. The wings would would either be mahogany, or be walnut. I say this because I'm trying to decide if I should use a book matched claro walnut top or let that bad ass 5-piece show through. If I had the Walnut top, the wings would be mahogany. No top, the wings would be walnut.

Anyway, my main questions being:

1 - How will these woods take a heritage cherry kind of stain? The walnut will be significantly darker, right?

2 - I'm planning to use an oil finish, either tung oil or tru-oil. Someone told me that walnut doesn't react well to sunlight, with an oil finish, and discolors. Is this true?

3 - What brand of Tru-oil or tung-oil do you guys use? I'm looking for something no additives.

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Tru-oil is a brand name finish from Birchwood Casey and I am pretty sure it is a polymerized oil with additives. Also, stains don't work too well under tru-oil, dyes such as aniline dyes work best from what I understand. The walnut would be darker, it's true. My question is why you would want to put a cherry stain on a wood like walnut? As for the walnut discoloration, I have never had discolorations, but I don't really expose any of my walnut stuff to enough sunlight to know.

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Oh, okay. I had no idea that tru-oil was like that. It was recommended to me, when i was discussing oiled finishes.

As far as cherry stain, I dunno, just think a red guitar looks awesome.

But that makes sense, I haven't seen a lot of oil-finished guitars with stains...

And the additives would be more directed to the tru-oil portion of the question, anyway. I have a can of tung oil, but found out there's varnishes and stuff mixed in. I'd like to try the real thing.

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I just finished my purpleheart and black walnut 8 string in tru oil and it came out Great and the walnut looks clean and clear with no dark spots


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