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Stupid Mistakes…

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grrr... once again, I forgot to think about how the wood will swell a little bit when gluing my neck joint - I got it to that point where it's sitting flush against the bottom of the neck pocket, but it hasn't slid in all the way to the back, and I it's not coming out, either. Frustrating because it's not the first time I've done this. I spent a long a time getting the shoulders of the tenon to line up perfect, and it's all for naught, as there's a slight gap.

Fortunately, it's the first of the two set necks I'm gluing today, (I kissed the second one with a bit of sanding and it came out perfect.) and this one is destined to have a solid color paint job - I cleaned out the glue squeezeout, and I can slide a bit of super thin veneer and a bit of filler in there and glue that in - under the epoxy grainfill and the color coats, you should never see it, so I'm going to leave it as is rather than deal with getting it out, cleaning it up and gluing it again. (Which is probably what I should do, and what I did last time - but the joint is strong, I'm out of glue, and this guitar is out of extra wood, destined to be a beater.

I don't know why I'm sharing this - I just feel really dumb making the same stupid mistake again. I need a big sign that stops me before I do any big steps on a project and reminds me of what I'm about to do wrong again!

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Well, I’ve done stupid stuff too. I built a sent neck guitar a while back and ended drilling the post holes about 1.5: too close to the 12th fret. Not the end of the world but before I checked everything I routed the humbucker cavity so if I moved the bridge back to where it belongs The bridge pickup will be in a very odd looking spot.

To fix it I could do two things:

Fill in the holes for the bridge and tail piece and fill in the pickup cavity and then redrill and route in the correct locations or figure out the scale length and construct a new neck to fit it. My second mistake: gluing in the set neck before I made the first mistake! I don’t feel like removing the neck or filling cavities.

The guitar serves as a reminder to me about my own stupidity!

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Mexicanbreed -

you *should* make your neck pockets tight enough with a set neck that you can hold the bodies up without glue.

I just find that with some glues, the wood swells enough that this makes it really hard to force in.

Thing is, it's much easier to make the joint fit good and tight to begin with, and run the sandpaper over a couple of times before you put it in so it slides in without force, than it is to try and figure this amount play into the joint when cutting out the mortise. It's really only taking a breath of off the joint.

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This topic is actually addressed in this thread:


They talk about the neck fitting on the second and third pages. Perry mentions his method of getting a tight fit and taking off a little bit on the third page after Setch mentions having had glue expand the tenon.

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